The Chicks Talk Sexy Celebrity Encounters

From The Vault: In this never-seen, classic 4ish-minute webisode, The Three Chicks and two special guests — Hoopty and Rosie — share past encounters with celebrity men, who may or may not have been hitting on them! Join The Chicks in savoring a splash of wine if you desire, and enjoy tales about hot guys... Continue Reading →

The Chicks Talk Bras

From The Vault: In this never-seen, classic webisode, The Three Chicks discuss bras and an intriguing alternative. Cheers! Learn more about The Chicks and follow them on Instagram and Facebook! And when you are in Bloomington, Ind., be sure to grab a glass of wine or brew at Nick's English Hut!

Perfect 10?

The Chicks weigh in on a deep one today ... which celebrity they consider to be a perfect 10! Who is YOUR 10??

Meet The Chicks

Welcome to Three Chicks And A Bottle Of Wine! Meet the Chicks: Poppy, Ruby and Trie. This video says it all. Well, it says some stuff.  

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