Meet The Chicks!

3 chicks
Thanks for checking out Three Chicks And A Bottle Of Wine!

Join them as they tackle the hot topics of love, relationships, pop culture, food, travel, hopes, dreams and plenty of yada yada!! Sometimes they’re accompanied by a special guest or two, who add their flavor to a topic. Sometimes The Chicks impart their take on situations our viewers share with them.

The Chicks’ videos are brief, fun and chatty and typically full of laughter, always with a splash of wine. We’ll post one of two a week … just enough to keep you wanting more??

So who are The Chicks?

First there is Poppy, a brainy Indiana gal with the host for Keith Urban. She is a happy wife and mom, and she’s got a killer singing voice.


Next up is Ruby, a Chicago native, who’s smart, creative and a bit saucy. She’s also a talented artist, a widow and a mother to two daughters, a few dogs and a cat.


Finally there’s Trie, a self-proclaimed sassy spinster. Trie’s a big animal advocate who teaches at a university and works as a PR consultant.
Join the Chicks here on their site; on Facebook, on YouTube and on Instagram! You can even email them! They’d love to connect with you and hear your thoughts on life, laughter and of course, the splendor that is wine.

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