Meet The Chicks!


We are Poppy, Ruby and Trie, aka Three Chicks And A Bottle Of Wine. We tackle the hot topics of pop culture, relationships, the meaning of life and plenty of yada yada. Making the world a better place one bottle of wine at a time.

Poppy is the witty wife and mom with a killer singing voice. She’s a brainy Indiana gal with the hots for Keith Urban. She’s a fine writer who enjoys meditation and a great nap, hopefully not at the same time. Enjoy Poppy’s first post on The Chicks Uncorked.


Next up is Ruby, a Chicago native, who’s smart, creative and a bit saucy. She’s a talented artist, widow and mother to two daughters, dogs and cats. She can’t dance and rarely makes the bed. Enjoy Ruby’s first post on The Chicks Uncorked.


Then there is the sassy spinster Trie, who really can’t sing, but loves animals and older British guys. She has taught at a Big 10 university and served as a deputy mayor and now loves co-owning her own online boutique and running her coaching and consulting practice. Enjoy Trie’s first post on The Chicks Uncorked.

Our opinions, views and issues will range from the deeper to not so deep and we’ll occasionally have special guests plus questions from viewers. And always a lot of laughs and a splash of wine. Our experiences, joys and passions range from art, writing and music to travel, pop culture, mindfulness and more. Two of us live in overpriced dwellings in the Georgetown neighborhood of our nation’s capital, while one enjoys college town life in Bloomington, Ind.

We’ll be posting our chatscapades every Friday, and we’re on Instagram a lot. Join us here, there or on Facebook or YouTube or shoot us an email. We’d love to connect with you and hear your thoughts on life, laughter and of course, the splendor of wine.


And if you choose to drink, please drink responsibly.

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