An Unusual Crush?

Blog: The Chicks Uncorked

I have a confession to make. I have recently developed an (some might say) unusual crush. My new love is a rapper and music producer, as well as a successful entrepreneur. Who is my recently acquired paramour? He’s none other than Snoop Dogg. OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. You might feel it’s a weird fascination for a myriad of reasons, but if Martha Stewart can be friends with him, why not me?

My interest in Snoop (I can call him that, right?) started when I heard a story about the speech he gave while receiving a Hollywood star. Instead of thanking his managers ad nauseam, he thanked himself. He congratulated himself for never giving up, always believing in his abilities and other Dr. Phil-approved self-help phrases. After an initial reaction that this guy must be a narcissist extraordinaire, I realized he was totally right in applauding himself for all his hard work. But I wouldn’t call it an infatuation at this point; I just noticed him more when he appeared in/on various media sources.

The heat level of my crush grew when I saw the recent Corona commercials on TV. Have you seen them? Snoop walks along the beach, handing out tasty pilsners to his friends. What a cool vibe he exudes in those ads – just a laid back (possibly high) dude sharing what he can with fellow beach bums. I get a goofy smile on my face whenever the ads air; Mr. Poppy just gives me a questioning glance and rolls his eyes. 

So, imagine my delight and enchantment when I saw Snoop in the liquor store looking right at me from the label of a 19 Crimes wine bottle. His selection is called Snoop Cali Red. Now, I liked the 19 Crimes wines even before my guy began his collaboration with the brand. If you’re not familiar, 19 Crimes stands for the offenses that would send you from England to a penal colony on the Australian continent back in the day. 

The crimes ranged from the obvious but also included “Impersonating an Egyptian” and “Clandestine Marriage.” So when my bad boy (actually, I think he’s been married over 20 years – not that I’ve been stalking him or anything) joined forces with 19 Crimes, I thought it was a match made in penitentiary heaven.

I grabbed the bottle (as Mr. Hubby yet again rolled his eyes) and looked forward to Snoop Dogg leading me to tannin places I have never been. And he didn’t disappoint. The Cali red blend is smooth, with “flavors of candied fruit, dark toasty oak and a satisfying touch of sweetness on the finish” (OK, I stole that from the website). Yum.

The wine is definitely worth a try even if you aren’t infatuated with the man. But if you have a major crush like I do, it will taste all the sweeter.

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