Is Beer Better Than Wine?: A Cookout Conundrum

Blog: The Chicks Uncorked

My family enjoyed some 4th of July festivities this past weekend, which included a cookout in my hometown. And although I have become a super wine lover and prefer it to all other forms of alcohol, I brought beer for our libations without a second thought. In fact, it didn’t even cross my mind to bring a hearty red to the proceedings. Why should this be? After musing over possible reasons for my out-of-character behavior, I have come to a few possible conclusions why I ditched the vino:

Reason #1: I didn’t want to be seen as a snob. As I’ve mentioned in my Redneck Wine Lover post, I’m from southern Indiana, and I’ve been drinking beer since before it was legal for me to enjoy or even know the definition of lager or pilsner. You see, my hometown has deep German roots, and drinking beer is as common as breastfeeding. So how would it have looked if I showed up with a full-bodied Cabernet that needed to be stored at an exacting 65 degrees? And because I can’t stand drinking wine out of a Solo cup (maybe I am a snob), I would have needed a stemmed glass, in addition to the other vino accoutrement (wine opener, wine refrigerator with requisite generator, etc.). Did I really want to be that person? Apparently not.

Reason #2: Is there anything better than a cold beer on a hot day? No other liquid is as refreshing as an icy brew straight out of the bottle. I’m partial to wheat beer (Hi, Blue Moon) – I just find it so darn smooth and yummy, especially on a day with humidity higher than Pike’s Peak.

Reason #3: Beer seems to be the official summer libation of the USA. It would be downright unpatriotic to drink something other than a long-neck bottle on my country’s birthday. 

Reason #4: Drinking wine while eating a burger or hotdog seems just plain weird. I’m definitely not one to pair food with a particular beverage, but I just can’t fathom having a pinot noir alongside a wiener.

So there you have it. I will continue drinking beer at summer festivities through Labor Day and probably into fall football tailgating. But when I’m at home, hidden by the confines of my porch, I’ll be enjoying fruity red blends and succumbing only occasionally to a cold one.

Authored by Poppy … get to know more about her and her fine time with wine! Enjoy her pet-peeve musings with The Chicks, her defense of Mega Purple, her thoughts on a wine-demic, and the wine that made her an adult.

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