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The Three Chicks don’t just enjoy wine; they enjoy good books with their wine, too! In today’s post, Poppy, Ruby and Trie share some of our favorite reads of the past six months …

A Real, Actual Page Turner For Poppy

You will definitely want a relaxing glass of wine as you read the book I just finished, The Push by Ashley Audrain. I wouldn’t call it a thriller; it’s more a psychological drama that will have you attempting to separate truth from a mother’s paranoia the entire read. 

A woman with a dysfunctional childhood becomes a mother herself and doubts whether she has what it takes to break the cycle of neglect and emotional abuse she experienced. If you’re a mother, it may raise some insecurities about your own maternal feelings and thoughts of worth and inclusion in your own family. 

Poppy’s page turner

Regardless, the book will have you wondering what’s real and what’s not, as the mother questions the behaviors and motivations of her own daughter. And of course, no one else believes her concerns, so she’s left alone to decipher truth from imagination. 

Written in first-person, the entire book is addressed to the father of her children, as if the mother is telling her side of the story. It’s innovative and completely engaging. I had a hard time putting this book down, something that hasn’t happened in quite a long time. 

I would match this captivating book with a hearty, full-bodied Cabernet.  

Truman Won Ruby’s Heart

When lockdown became de riguer the only saving grace I saw was having plenty of time for books. 

I dove into the classics I always wanted to read. Mark Twain, F Scott Fitzgerald, Colette and Truman Capote. I have treasured Truman’s A Christmas Memory and The Thanksgiving Visitor

Ruby reads Capote

I then read many of his short stories and saved his masterpiece, In Cold Blood, for last. His storytelling is meticulous. What a fascinating man he was. 

I will read the rest of his writings appreciatively then I will tackle Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, with a glass of Sherry.

Trie’s Reading Desires

While I love the whole idea of cuddling up on a rainy day with a great piece of fiction and a full pour, the reality is that 95% of the books I’ve consumed in the past six months fall into the business or personal development categories. 

These genres may sound far less romantic, but actually I’m quite the geeky enthusiast, continually on the quest for new marketing, business and strategy insights as well as new perspectives on mindfulness, dreams and yoga.

Trie sips with desire

The book I’ve just finished is The Desire Factor by Christy Whitman, which I explored because I’ve long felt I haven’t been paying enough attention to the energy I bring into a situation, let alone into life in general. Many aspects of this book fit so nicely with the work I do as a career change strategist as it’s so crucial to figure out what lights us up so we can focus on taking the specific, intentional steps to get us there.

It’s so easy to drift about our days on autopilot and take the road that’s paved, safe and familiar … and sometimes, meh. Christy shares loads of exercises and principles that help readers discover the desires that give them a spark and how to apply this energy toward cultivating a life that keeps the spark ignited. Sign me up!

Ruby, Trie and Poppy

Authored by The Three Chicks. Share YOUR thoughts and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more wine-inspired adventures and observations.

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  1. Great shares, ladies, thank you! Books can provide a great escape from reality, right?… and also help us discover ways to make better our individual reality. Read on through time, and enjoy the wine! 🙂

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