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Flowers, dogs, culture, yoga, travel and dry, witty-at-least-to-us observations … if you follow we Three Chicks, you may have picked up on the fact that those are some of our favorite things — along with a fine, full pour, nat.

For example, Poppy shares beautiful photos of the flowers she cultivates so capably in her garden, often punctuated with a tasty glass of red. 

Occasionally we get a glimpse of Ruby’s current oil painting commission behind in her videos, where she’s more likely than not making a sound observation on life.

And recently, I posted a photo of myself doing a yoga pose in front of some glorious flowers in the neighborhood. My yoga teacher donned it the elaborate “Trie’s backward prayer pinot vino asana.”

Backward Prayer Pinot Vino Asana

Come to think of it, I’m actually the only one of us who likes yoga. But, Poppy and I are also big fans of yoga’s cousin, mindfulness meditation. 

Mind Your Wine

A few years ago we teamed up to teach the benefits of mindfulness to corporate teams, university students, seniors and career changers.

One of the most popular exercises we’d infuse was the experience of mindful eating. We’d bring pieces of dark chocolate and strawberries and walk our learners through an exercise that taught them how to appreciate these food items in totally new ways, by focusing on the smells, textures and the evolving tastes in the eating process.

And guess what, this approach works with wine, too!

National Garden Meditation Day

Yesterday was National Garden Meditation Day, so I grabbed a glass of a dry, vegan sparkling wine from Provence, Nº06 Simply Rosé, and visited a lovely garden space in the beach town I’m visiting.

The Day was created by The Garden Lady C.L. Fornari, an author of eight books, radio host and garden consultant. Fornari says gardens can be the perfect spot for us to connect to ourselves and to nature, and she’s right. 

I began my mindful wine experience by getting yoga-comfy on the cold stone bench in the middle of the garden, and closing my eyes. After several, slow deep breaths in and out, my mind began to settle, and I focused on what I could see, smell and hear before me. 

I felt the smoothness of the wine glass I’d chosen, and I swirled it gently. I slowly inhaled the subtle bouquet of the wine for several breaths. Then, in what probably looked like slow motion, I took my first sip.

This cool, light and flavorful wine danced in my mouth. Its bubbles tickled as I swished it around, then lightly tingled the back of my throat as I finally swallowed. 

After this agonizingly slow first taste, I developed a rhythm of breathing, sipping, swirling, swallowing and pausing to enjoy what all my senses were experiencing in between sips. It took me nearly 30 minutes to finish the glass. 


Drinking wine this way ensures we are intentional with our drinking — we’re not just throwing back a glass of something tasty. Like mindful eating, it helps us not overindulge and gives us heightened appreciation, nuances and tasting pleasures. It also helps us boost our focus and ability to discern essential wine elements such as the grapes involved, tannin, acidity, the sharpness of the bubbles, the temperature.

Meditation is a wonderful way to cultivate greater mindfulness, and it’s something I use in my daily life and my work. If you’re a little medi-curious and you’re a fan of wine — and the great outdoors — what better way to begin.

Authored by Trie … check out her Four Excellent Wine AdventuresUnencumbered With A Sip & A Smile and Sipping In God’s Square Mile. Get to know more about her and her fine time with wine!

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