The Art Of Compromise: A Wine Review

Blog: The Chicks Uncorked

As most of us learn the hard way, relationships are all about compromise: where to live, kids or no kids, chips or pretzels, and so on. Add to that the most important negotiation of all: what wine to drink.

Mr. Poppy and I have been together for 182 years (OK, some days it just feels that way), so compromise has become a way of life. But when we became avid wine lovers, the give-and-take rose to a whole new level.

I like a dry, fruity wine (and yes, vino can be both; I looked it up to make sure I wasn’t going to embarrass myself as an obvious wine novice in yet another blog post). The hubster, on the other hand, is all about spice. He wants his vino to have a little kick and finish like a peppery dish at an ethnic restaurant. To this end, he adores shiraz or syrah grapes.

So what’s a couple to do? Usually, we take turns getting our way, and we’ve both come to appreciate the other’s flavor preferences, to a certain extent.

But about three years ago, we fell into a compromise which pleases both our palates and then some. It’s Carnivor Zinfandel. Now please know that I have all the respect in the world for vegetarians, and since our daughter has become mostly meat-free, Mr. Poppy and I are quickly following in her footsteps. And I’m sure no animals are hurt in the creation of the Carnivor varietals.

But the hubby does like a good steak on occasion (especially before our daughter’s meatless conversion), so on the evening he discovered Carnivor, he was at the grocery store looking for a red wine to go with the thick porterhouse he had just snagged. Now, you need to know that my main squeeze is a sucker for clever advertising, so when he saw the name Carnivor, coupled with a label that actually looks like it’s been scratched by a wild animal, he high-tailed it to the checkout counter.

When we tried it, angelic voices filled our home as the universe acknowledged our ultimate wine compromise. For him, it has a spicy finish, which is true of zinfandels. For me, it is smooth and fruity, which I’ve learned probably comes from the small amounts of merlot and cabernet with which it’s blended.

For those of you who like more wine-y language than I can provide, the label’s description says Carnivor Zinfandel “is a captivating combination of full-bodied flavors and elegant spice. Bold notes of dark cherry and blackberry jam complement hints of mocha and toasted oak.”

I would highly recommend this wine if you’ve never had the pleasure, especially if you have palates like myself or vino partner. But if your life involves a significant other, I’m sorry to say you’ll be on your own — I’ll be busy compromising with my partner about our next Netflix binge.

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