Tybalt, Bad Boy In Tights

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As I reminisce on the men of consequence in my life, while sipping a strong glass of mead, I recall a gentleman who looked very good in tights.

When I was young, the Franco Zeffirelli film “Romeo and Juliet” made quite an impression on me. The girls I saw it with were smitten with Romeo as played by Leonard Whiting. Not me; my heart was stolen by Tybalt, Juliet‘s cousin played by Michael York. Being something of a bad boy certainly didn’t hurt.

Many years later I came across a photo of Tybalt in full costume, and he still had it. I was doing a lot of portrait painting by that time so I decided to do one inspired by the dashing Tybalt.

A couple years later my daughter and I were in New York‘s Russian Tea Room finishing a late lunch. Except for us only a couple of people were still there. My seat was facing in so I asked my daughter if she saw anyone interesting. ”Michael York,” she announced. He and an actor friend were just leaving.

It would be nice if I had a pithy ending to this saga but I don’t. I was rendered mute after we exchanged smiles. But here’s the portrait in full glory.

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