Bedroom Eyes Revisited

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A second full pour of a satisfying full-body red urges me to share some thoughts with you.

As a young girl, I heard the expression “bedroom eyes.” I filed that with “virgin ears.” Some worldly girls said I was afflicted with that so the next few years I was self-conscious about my ears until I learned it meant I hadn’t heard of certain things.

Well, recently I revisited “bedroom eyes” in the personage of actor Robert Mitchum. If you’re unfamiliar with him, he was a major movie star in the 1950s and ’60s, usually playing a tough guy quite believably.

I love old movies and recently came upon “Night of The Hunter.” WOW! Bedroom eyes indeed! An incredibly sexy man capable of engendering impure thoughts in some women. Poor Shelley Winters. The irony of the plot had him playing a preacher who vehemently decried sex. He certainly had it going on.

Joan Rivers wrote about Mitchum in one of her books. They met when they both appeared on Johnny Carson’s show. They ended up spending the night together, no shame on her part. She was married to Edgar at the time; he eventually killed himself. No, Mr. Mitchum wasn’t implicated. Offhand the only current actor with bedroom eyes who comes to mind is Javier Bardem.

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