Grey Grey, Go Away

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Ever since home shows arrived on HGTV, I’ve tuned into them. I watch them all — houses being built, remodeled, decorated, swapped, purchased, I’m there. Often with a generous pour of a dry red.

One show in particular has a very attractive contractor, but that’s a story for another day.

My interest is now flagging, however, as there are no new ideas. No one says they want a cookie cutter type house, but that’s where we’re at.

Grey all day. Pretty, but predictable.

To meet the criteria of desirability, each home will have:

  • An open concept (they want to see the kids while they cook), and both partners are usually equally enthusiastic about cooking and therefore are rather particular about the kitchen details. Most say they can’t wait to entertain.
  • The kitchen will feature stainless steel appliances and a large island. Usually a pantry.
  • Hardwood floors throughout.
  • Ubiquitous gray walls.
  • Bedrooms upstairs often have their own bathrooms. The biggest bedroom will be huge and will have one or two walk-in closets. Each closet will be larger than the bedroom I shared with my sister growing up. You won’t see much in the way of clothes because that would make the closet look inadequate.
  • This bedroom will have a massive bathroom, a.k.a. en suite, which sounds fancier. Double sinks, oversized shower with multiple shower heads, a stand-alone tub. The toilet will have its own tiny room.
And a closet bigger than the room I shared with my sister growing up …

Now back to the grey walls. In the 1970s, the fashionable colors were avocado and harvest gold. Those two colors were on appliances, upholstered furniture, wallpaper and carpeting. The look finally faded; later the combo of burgundy and forest green came along to dominate.

The grey now has overstayed its welcome. At first I found it refreshing, but it’s become predictable, even depressing.

A grey area …

Nope, no new trends are on the horizon so be hip and get going on that grey paint. Yawn.

If I may suggest: Since the world is starving for an infusion of cheer, let’s begin by replacing the worn-out grey with either soothing, pleasant pastels or even more boldly, some festive corals, happy yellows or sunny oranges. This peppier paint surely will prompt other design changes to follow.

Authored by Ruby … get to know more about her and her fine time with wine! And check out her thoughts on this stellar fashion trend.

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