Trie’s Four Excellent Wine Adventures

Blog: The Chicks Uncorked The personalized bottles of wine I was gifted for a special birthday.Red and white wine tastings on the Napa Valley Wine Train.The bottle of Cab in JFK’s favorite booth, blocks from his home in Washington DC.The wine served in The Rolling Stones’ backstage VIP tent in Hamburg, Germany. All vibrant, poignant... Continue Reading →

Tannins & Tights

Blog: The Chicks Uncorked I’m sipping a dry Chablis as I ruminate on the nature of leggings.  I live in DC and am a frequent bus rider. Those of us fortunate enough to get a seat are afforded a panorama of derrières of varying sizes all at eye level. I am well into my second... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on a Wine-demic

Blog: The Chicks Uncorked A Facebook friend recently asked what I was most proud of in 2020. After much deliberation I decided the fact that murder – neither as perpetrator nor victim – was avoided in my seemingly locked household ranked pretty high on my list. And the main reason we were able to avoid... Continue Reading →

Grass Always Greener?

In their latest mini-webisode, The Chicks are joined by JP — friend, firefighter and divorcee. Hear from The Chicks and get a male perspective on the pros and cons of their various relationship situations. And share your thoughts too!


The Three Chicks discuss decisions they made or didn’t make that they wonder about or regret. Really, it’s more amusing than it sounds.

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